March empties! Yeay!

I have recently finished few products in March… finally! Here is what I thought on them:-

March Empties!

1. Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
Love it! Bought myself a new 500ml bottle and still going strong! 🙂 (Previous review)

2. Dermalogica Microexfoliant
I swear by this! It exfoliates so nicely and mildly that I don’t even realise its an exfoliant! The product itself is powder, when added with water it will very quickly turns into a creamy paste where you just “scrub” your face. I use it once every two days because it is so mild!

3. Loreal Paris Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum
This product is pretty amazing, judging by price standards and what it does to my hair. After applying it, my hair is smooth and silky but don’t over apply because it will make ur hair looks oily. I have oily scalp, so that’s why 🙂

Ok, that is all for March.. more empties to come in April 🙂

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Lemon diet!

Hi there! Sorry I have been on hiatus for a long time, been super busy with work lately! 😦 Alright, alright, enough about it… and let me go on with today’s post!

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I wanted to lose weight just in time for CNY, so I was reading articles online about this so-called lemon diet. There are plenty of ways of taking this diet, and as I didn’t want to go to the extreme, I just took one lemon each day in a tall glass of warm water before I take my breakfast. My ex-roomie tried before, and she claims it was good for losing weight, but I have to try it to know it. So I went on a lemon diet for 3 weeks before CNY. So here’s the summary:-

Week one : It has curbed my appetite quite abit, and as I normally take my breakfast of oats mixed with soya bean and a cup of coffee, I managed to cut down coffee from my daily routine. And I’m also seeing quite abit of … how do I say it… toilet business number 1 (hehe). Apparently it cleanse your intestines to boost your digestion. Oh well, I see the most effect in this period.

Week two : Appetite still maintained and I still take my occasional coffee for breakfast.. (I need my caffeine!!!) but toilet business number 1 is back to normal. I guess it stabilises your intestines in some ways… I played squash 3 times this week, and I guess both of it contributed to my weight loss of less than 1 kg. Hehe. Better than nothing huh? 🙂

Week three : Appetite increases as I do more sports (this is normal), and I don’t see any difference with or without lemon already. Not sure why, but I guess result differs from one individual to another.

Conclusion, lemon diet doesn’t really helped me to lose weight but I realise it really helped me to curb my appetite and my skin has been very smooth! I guess the vitamin C in the lemon not only helped my digestion, it also repaired my skin as well. I will still continue taking lemon but probably alternate it between days. Btw, do read this article for more details as I find it most informative.

Cheers! Have a great Friday!

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Peugot Club Malaysia’s Annual Event 2012 – A Famosa Resort (8-10 Dec 2012)!

I’m helping my friend to promote an event especially for Peugot car owners! 🙂 Here it goes…

Dear Peugeot Owners,

We would like to extend our invitation to everyone who owns a Peugeot for our Annual Peugeot Club Malaysia event. This year, the event will be held at A Famosa Resort and the early bird package have been extended so everyone have the privilege to enjoy the event at ONLY RM 250 per person! Join us as our member to enjoy the perks for you and your beloved family members. Log on to for more information or checkout our Facebook page!

There will be Petrol Vouchers for all participants as well as the amazing Lucky Draw prizes (as below) up for grab!

  • Cash vouchers from Meguiar’s worth RM2000, lucky draw prizes of cash vouchers worth RM1300, awards of car detailing products worth more than RM800 and entitled to purchase additional products at 20% off!
  • Service vouchers for your car at authorised service centre worth RM500 to be won!
  • In addition, there will be Ecotint discount vouchers to be given away to participants….

What are you waiting for! Don’t miss the PCM 2012 Annual Gathering for a weekend full of fun and get-together!

Pls contact for more details 🙂

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A-England Sale!

Yes, you heard it right! A-England nail polish is on sale for 10 days only from 21 to 30 Nov 2012!!!!  I got myself a Perceval/Dorian Gray set.. would have cost £9 per bottle but this is £10 for both! So happyyyy haha!

Check it out at the A-England website!

-Qi Hua-

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Starbucks Planner 2013

I used to collect the Starbucks yearly planner ever since my intern years (in between I slacked a little and stopped) and I had the 2012 because I reloaded RM120 in card and got it either cheap or free, can’t remember which. Anyways. I loved the 2007 one, I used to write every single details of what happened everyday of my life in uni in it! It has this small little cards that you can give out to friends during Friendship Day and even festive seasons! The small things that matter…. 🙂

From 2008 onwards I guess they had some cost cutting measures and the planners aren’t great anymore! No more small cards, or touching notes, just boring folder… that’s why I slacked in collecting them. Oh well, I was checking out the latest 2013 planner, and it looks kinda gorgeous! It has two colours, red and brown and the cover is made out of faux leather with zips to secure the contents… Have yet to checkout the contents but it got me thinking should I spend the 15 cups of coffee to collect it?? Or pay RM138 for it. Mannnnn I wished Starbucks wasn’t so expensive! 😦

Source from Facebook

-Qi Hua-

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Stay hydrated – to lose weight!!

Yes! It is possible that drinking water will help to lose weight! Well, especially if you replace sweetened beverages with plain water or drinking water before meals, as it will fill up your tummy and you don’t feel so hungry (however it is not recommended for water intake right after a meal, because it makes your tummy bloated and acid diluted thus your meal will take a longer time to process!).

Anyways, do you know how much water you need to drink each day? For me, it is 2.6 litres, and sighh I know I don’t drink that much of water each day 😦 My daily consumption is about say 2 litres and I know that because I bought a 2-litre Tupperware to keep track haha! A friend of mine needs around 4 litres a day because of a kidney problem (sometimes I wonder how she managed to down all of it!) so the amount of water you take really depends on your health condition. Click here to see how much water you need a day!

Anyways, drinking water is part of my so-called diet plan haha, well I have been battling my fluctuations of weight (between 2-3 kgs) for the past few years, and I can assure you that these measly kilos make a difference in my weight! Drinking water keeps my body hydrated and I don’t get dry and flaky skin or dried chipped lips like I used to! You can add a twist of lemon in your water to make it taste more refreshing (even more so refrigerated!) or drink your water in forms of tea, coffee (black) as long as there are no added sugars in it! Stay hydrated guys! 🙂

-Qi Hua-

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Happy Diwali to all of you!

First of all, I hope I’m not too late to wish all my Hindu friends to have a great Happy Diwali and happy holidays to the rest of you! As for me, I have spent my holiday doing my favourite past time….. BAKING! 🙂

Ever since I have learnt the recipe from my friend, this choc chip cookies have been my favourite! I love cookies, and find most brands out there are too sweet for my liking so I now bake whenever I feel like eating it hehe. I can assure you, its very very easy to bake this cookie, all you need is a mixer with bowl, an oven, some ingredients, you are set to go! The ingredients and recipe as below:-

  • 250g of salted butter (so you don’t need to put additional salt)
  • 1 cupful of sugar which consist of 1 quarter white castor sugar and 3 quarter brown sugar
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 and a half cupful of flour
  • 1 capful of vanilla essence (use the cap from the bottle)
  • 250g of Hershey Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 30g of almond stripes

First, let the butter thaw and soften before you start mixing. Then, mix butter with sugar until the mixture turn whitish. Add the yolks and vanilla essence and mix well. Slowly mix the flour into the mixture and once the mixture turn into a soft dough, you may add the choc chips and almond stripes in it. Form into small balls, put around 4-5 choc chips per pieces (because the more choc in the cookies, the better it taste!) and bake it in the oven at 170 celcius for around 20-25 mins per batch!

Try it if you are free! Guarantee you will be amazed and hooked by how good it tastes!! 🙂

-Qi Hua-

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