Stay hydrated – to lose weight!!

Yes! It is possible that drinking water will help to lose weight! Well, especially if you replace sweetened beverages with plain water or drinking water before meals, as it will fill up your tummy and you don’t feel so hungry (however it is not recommended for water intake right after a meal, because it makes your tummy bloated and acid diluted thus your meal will take a longer time to process!).

Anyways, do you know how much water you need to drink each day? For me, it is 2.6 litres, and sighh I know I don’t drink that much of water each day 😦 My daily consumption is about say 2 litres and I know that because I bought a 2-litre Tupperware to keep track haha! A friend of mine needs around 4 litres a day because of a kidney problem (sometimes I wonder how she managed to down all of it!) so the amount of water you take really depends on your health condition. Click here to see how much water you need a day!

Anyways, drinking water is part of my so-called diet plan haha, well I have been battling my fluctuations of weight (between 2-3 kgs) for the past few years, and I can assure you that these measly kilos make a difference in my weight! Drinking water keeps my body hydrated and I don’t get dry and flaky skin or dried chipped lips like I used to! You can add a twist of lemon in your water to make it taste more refreshing (even more so refrigerated!) or drink your water in forms of tea, coffee (black) as long as there are no added sugars in it! Stay hydrated guys! 🙂

-Qi Hua-

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