Lemon diet!

Hi there! Sorry I have been on hiatus for a long time, been super busy with work lately! 😦 Alright, alright, enough about it… and let me go on with today’s post!

Taken from commons.wikimedia.org

Photo taken from commons.wikimedia.org

I wanted to lose weight just in time for CNY, so I was reading articles online about this so-called lemon diet. There are plenty of ways of taking this diet, and as I didn’t want to go to the extreme, I just took one lemon each day in a tall glass of warm water before I take my breakfast. My ex-roomie tried before, and she claims it was good for losing weight, but I have to try it to know it. So I went on a lemon diet for 3 weeks before CNY. So here’s the summary:-

Week one : It has curbed my appetite quite abit, and as I normally take my breakfast of oats mixed with soya bean and a cup of coffee, I managed to cut down coffee from my daily routine. And I’m also seeing quite abit of … how do I say it… toilet business number 1 (hehe). Apparently it cleanse your intestines to boost your digestion. Oh well, I see the most effect in this period.

Week two : Appetite still maintained and I still take my occasional coffee for breakfast.. (I need my caffeine!!!) but toilet business number 1 is back to normal. I guess it stabilises your intestines in some ways… I played squash 3 times this week, and I guess both of it contributed to my weight loss of less than 1 kg. Hehe. Better than nothing huh? 🙂

Week three : Appetite increases as I do more sports (this is normal), and I don’t see any difference with or without lemon already. Not sure why, but I guess result differs from one individual to another.

Conclusion, lemon diet doesn’t really helped me to lose weight but I realise it really helped me to curb my appetite and my skin has been very smooth! I guess the vitamin C in the lemon not only helped my digestion, it also repaired my skin as well. I will still continue taking lemon but probably alternate it between days. Btw, do read this article for more details as I find it most informative.

Cheers! Have a great Friday!

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