Khareyana Spa – Serenity at its best…

It was my birthday last weekend, and me and my sister was treated to a spa as a lovely birthday present! 🙂 The place is named Khareyana Spa, located near Assunta Hospital (if you are on Federal Highway, just exit Jln Templar and you will be on the right track!). Khareyana Spa stands at a bungalow house spot, where from the outside, it gives me a rustic, village-y feel and when you enter the spa, you are immediately transformed into a tranquil, relaxing place.

View outside my room

We was immediately brought to a room where we was briefly informed by the masseuse about our package, which is called the Special Package Option 3. The package includes:-

  1.  Spa or Body Treatment
  2. Hair Cream Bath and Scalp Treatment
  3. Manicure & Pedicure or a Facial

So I choosed Spa Treatment, Hair Cream Bath and Scalp Treatment (this one no choice actly, but would totally recommend this!) and finally a facial.  First they asked me to choose a scrub among the four scents they have (Frangipani, Sandalwood, Rose and Lavendar Mint) – I choosed the Rose Scrub. Sis choosed Frangipani. Soon after that,  we were directed to our room by one of the masseuse (my bad for not asking her name!) and was asked to change into towels while they start preparing for the treatment.

This is where all the “action” take place! 🙂

Two masseuse came in after 10 minutes and started the spa treatment. Process for all the Signature Spa treatments are body scrub, shower, steam, body massage,body mask, herbal bath and body lotion application. What I like about the scrub was the masseuse is being very very detail. They scrub and scrub and scrub … for about an hour or more! I thought my skin would feel sore, but surprisingly I didn’t, and so did sis! After the scrub, they put a body mask all over our body and we rested for a good 10 mins before sis was led to the shower room to shower first, and me second. Had to take turn because there is only one shower room and one portable steam machine.

When I stepped in the shower, I almost slipped. The masseuse was holding my hand and informed me that this is normal, because they scrubbed my feet as well and the scrub is very moisturising (thus slippery!). As I showered, I can’t help feeling my skin feels the softest and smoothest ever!

Shower room… its a beauty, ain’t it?

After that, I was led to the steam machine (sis used it earlier) and was in it for a good 20 mins. The heat was moderately hot and I was able to withstand it. Sis said she would prefer it hotter but I guess maybe the machine was not properly warmed up then as she had used it first.

When I was done with the steam machine, the masseuse led us back to the massage table again, and this is the time for the massage that I have been longing for. The masseuse was very skillful, she knows how to correct my “urat” or nerves without much pain. She traced an “urat” from the feet up to the waist and I can feel it bounce back into place! Instead of feeling the normal pain, I actually felt totally relaxed and at ease. The best part was when she started kneading on my back, because she took extra effort to make sure all muscles are properly taken care of! Just when you think she is done with your back, and there she goes again, kneading every single muscle and make all the tension melts. I feel like I’m in heaven!!! 😛

When the massage was over (I was already so relaxed but could still use more on the back hehe), they have already prepared a flower bath for us (separately, of course!) and we soaked ourselves for a further 15 mins in it. I was playing with the petals, rubbing it against my skin. Feels like those ancient princesses taking baths with flowers haha… I was told to shower after the bath and was given lotion to apply on my body after that.

Aftermath of the bubblicious flower bath!

When me and sis are finally done, they led us to the main room for the Hair Cream Bath and Scalp Treatment. We were seated by dressing table… I was immediately brought to rinse my hair while sis was enjoying her ginger tea and watermelons (btw, the ginger tea was the BEST I had ever tasted! We had 2 refills hehe) Had to take turns because there were only one wash basin. The same masseuse gave me a choice hair treatment between ginseng and aloe, or a combination of it – said it was good to prevent hairfall and moisturising respectively. So I choosed a combination of it and she starts the treatment. Ohhhhh pure bliss again… she massaged my scalp, slowly moving from the outer forehead towards the middle of the back of my head, not missing any part of my whole head. I swear I immediately fell to sleep to the rhythmic kneading on my head! She moved on to my shoulders and I woke up for abit because of the change of the pressure. Once again, she massaged my shoulders and previously I mentioned I could use more rite, and so here she goes. Even writing it now, I can still remember how relaxed and ease I was at that time. Finally after a good hour of massage, she put me on the steamer for my hair treatment for about 10 mins and I was brought to rinse again.

The next treatment was facial. Sis told me that the manicure and pedicure was recommended according to the many reviews she read, but I just had it yesterday so I didn’t take it. I was brought to a room, where the same lady that gave sis her massage asked me to lie face front and immediately started with cleansing and scrubbing my face. She was cleansing my face with a sponge, which I felt it was overdone as she rubbed my face at least 4 times on the same area. Surprisingly, during extraction I fell asleep despite all the pain I was going through. Maybe I was already too relaxed to feel any pain on my face hehe. Most part of the facial I was asleep, woke up for abit and slept right back so all I remember after extraction was cleansing of my face again and a mask was put on my face.

The lady woke me up while she was cleansing of the mask from my face. I woke up, very groggily and when she was done with cleansing (overdone with the sponge again here) and quickly changed. I had to pee (very badly! – I actually had to pee in between the first and second treatment too!) and I believe it is a sign of a good massage as it makes my blood flow and lymph stimulated thus toxins are being rinsed out of my body.

I walked out to find sis chatting to the owner, Pn Azam of Khareyana Spa. She is a very friendly lady and likes to smiles alot. She gave me and sis each a bottle of Martha Tilaar lotion, as a birthday gift! She mentioned that her husband’s birthday is also today so that was actually a very special day for her hehe. Ohh yeaa, she did say the flower petals in the bath is actually specially prepared for us as it was our birthday! 🙂 🙂 🙂 What a sweet lady!

Birthday present from the owner! Yeay!

In conclusion, I spent a good 7 hours in this spa… am truly impressed by… well, almost everything in this place! The masseuses are very well-trained, no-nonsense and straight to the job. The architecture is incredible and who had known there is a little haven in this area of PJ! Would totally recommend everyone to try this spa (not the facial though and men are allowed with their spouses though) and I would have to say this wouldn’t be my last visit! 🙂 – Visit for more details!

-Qi Hua-

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5 Responses to Khareyana Spa – Serenity at its best…

  1. Vishaljs says:

    This is in pj??? Whoa .. I live like 10 mins from here …

  2. vinnie says:

    Very lucky girls indeed hehe

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