Starbucks Planner 2013

I used to collect the Starbucks yearly planner ever since my intern years (in between I slacked a little and stopped) and I had the 2012 because I reloaded RM120 in card and got it either cheap or free, can’t remember which. Anyways. I loved the 2007 one, I used to write every single details of what happened everyday of my life in uni in it! It has this small little cards that you can give out to friends during Friendship Day and even festive seasons! The small things that matter…. 🙂

From 2008 onwards I guess they had some cost cutting measures and the planners aren’t great anymore! No more small cards, or touching notes, just boring folder… that’s why I slacked in collecting them. Oh well, I was checking out the latest 2013 planner, and it looks kinda gorgeous! It has two colours, red and brown and the cover is made out of faux leather with zips to secure the contents… Have yet to checkout the contents but it got me thinking should I spend the 15 cups of coffee to collect it?? Or pay RM138 for it. Mannnnn I wished Starbucks wasn’t so expensive! 😦

Source from Facebook

-Qi Hua-

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