Hello World!

Hello there!

I’m Qi Hua and here I wanna write about my personal beauty tips and reviews, thoughts and other fun things I do!  I love make up, I have been crazy about skincare, I love experimenting different make-up techniques (though results mostly constrained to me, myself and I 🙂 ). I have always been reading other people’s blog on beauty stuff (ie; cosmetics, skincare, make-up, etc) and I thought to myself, “Hey I can do it too!”.

I am passionate about traveling and have been to many great and exotic places! I’m a big lover of the historical places, the more history the place have, the more I love to explore and find out on my own! Aside historical places, I heart heart HEART beautiful, scenic greeneries aka mountains, rivers, waterfalls, etc, which makes my heart pounds faster when I see it with my own eyes!

Other than that, I love playing squash.. it’s my all time sports! Been playing it since uni days but I was never good until I started working… Thanks to the patience of my friends for coaching the terrible me! 🙂 Been trying to pick up badminton as a secondary sport as it is a more popular sport as most of my friends play.

Ok, I shall quit blabbering! 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you have any questions, you can contact me at limqihua@gmail.com 🙂

-Qi Hua-

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  1. Rain says:

    =P I was here!

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